Are you at Risk if your Collection Agency isn?t Compliant?
Presented by Rod Garrison, Transworld Systems, Inc.
The Collection Agency industry is highly regulated and there are numerous laws on the books designed to protect consumers which make it more difficult to collect. While it costs agencies more to be legally compliant and hinders their collections efforts, not complying can lead to class action suits and sanctions against the agency (and possibly their clients) that are more costly in the long run, if not fatal to the agency?s very existence. Let?s examine how this affects your practice.
The Laws You Know
Most Practice Administrators are familiar with Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) of 1978 which creates a set of guidelines that collection agencies are required to follow as well as penalties for not adhering to the Act. Additionally, practices are familiar with HIPAA laws and the security requirements of Protected Health Information (PHI).
But Do You Know About These Laws
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